Membership Dues:
Per Calendar Year:   Forty Dollars (40) without Range Privileges..........Ninety (90) Dollars with Range Privileges
Range privilige is restricted and not availalbe for all new members.
If your are a new member, please check the zip codes below before requesting a range card.
Please examine the zipcode list below, only those living within the listed zip codes are allowed range cards

                                                     60113      60129       60145       60146       60150       60530
                                                     60550      60553       60556       61006       61010       61015
                                                     61020      61031       61043       61049       61052       61061
                                                     61068      61084       61318       61331       61353       61378
                                                      NEW ZIP CODES ALLOWED: 61057--61021--61054--61047--61030--61064    
To secure membership or further information, please call:   Call Rich Melton, Membership Chairperson, at 815-562-6268

Our Club offers an "Email a Month" sevice. Providing notifications, such as Range closings, events, such as Kids Fishing Derby--Archery Shoots--Turkey Shoots, etc., and Club enhancements, such as the Lodge remodeling. We will indicate if events are members only or open to the public.
 If interested please strike Email Subscribe and request to be added. (Our list is private and never shared)

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